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If you need to scare your kids into conserving water, show them this cartoon. It may not actually be scary, but when I was a kid watching Sesame Street it really scared me into saving water. I didn’t want to kill any fish.

Just got back from seeing the Lego Movie (yes, it was delayed THIS long over here). If you’ve been following my Tumblr, you’ll notice I’ve been waiting to see this movie since last year, and then I got frustrated that it was delayed by two months just to take advantage of the Easter holidays (and also so it wouldn’t have to compete with Frozen).

They’ve sure been promoting the heck out of it over the last couple of weeks. Still, it was an amazing feel-good movie. Most of the time it feels like a thrill ride with some silliness thrown in. That’s a vague, spoiler-free description of it. Yes I would see this movie again. Yes it is worth seeing in Imax and judging by the looks of some of the sweeping shots (even at the beginning) it is worth seeing in 3D. If you have a 3D TV and 3D blu ray player, then it is worth getting the 3D blu ray when it comes out.

And by the way, did anyone else know that Warner Bros is already planning on making a sequel to this? To be released in 2017?

I think in the next couple of years I’ll be upgrading my android tablet to a Microsoft Surface Pro (whatever the latest model is at that time). The good things I’ve been hearing about it have been making me drool, and my laptop is too heavy to carry around on a regular basis.

And I’ll put Bluestacks on it so I can also have my android apps.

Now I just need a spare $2000


It’s just not.

Now I’m talking about the actual process of animating; drawing all them frames. Writing… fun. Character design… fun. Storyboarding… fun. Animating… YUCK.

Who in their right mind likes drawing a picture slightly different a million times? It’s mind numbing. It’s mind numbing for…

This is partly the reason I went to comics. Maybe this is also the reason hand drawn animation isn’t as common as it used to be.

Reading this makes me feel so old. I didn’t have all of these problems in the 90’s, but I did run into some of them. I really do wonder how we survived without 48” widescreen HD TVs

And on a lighter note while I’m on the subject of Lego. I’m loving Lego City Undercover to DEATH!

Doing stuff like this is partly the reason why. You can do some really silly things in this game.

(All you need is ET in that wheelchair to make the jumps convincing)

Sorry if it seems I’ve been a little annoyed on the internet lately. For the last 2 months my blood has been boiling about this very topic, and after reading this article, I’m glad I’m not the only one.

Last year I read on Youtube that the Lego Movie would be released on February 7 2014. I got hyped and planned to ask for gold class tickets to this movie for my birthday on February 24th. A couple of weeks later I heard the Australian release would not be until April 3. So that kind of screwed up my birthday plans.

But what really enraged me was finding out that Australia would be dead last to see this movie (well at least we get it before New Zealand does on April 17) (yes, even foreign speaking countries will get it before us), despite the fact that the animation was actually produced in Sydney (which is in Australia). It feels kind of like a sucker punch to the gut to find out that a film partially made in Australia doesn’t get released in the country it was made until everyone else in the world has seen (and possibly spoiled) it.

I’ve had to be really careful on social networks just in case I ran across a comment where someone forgot to put a spoiler warning. I’ve also been extremely tempted to pirate it, but didn’t because I don’t like bittorrent (can’t get it to work or find a good file).

I recently bought MotionArtist from Smith Micro. Couldn’t wait any longer for Motionbook to be rolled out through Deviantart and the Manga Studio import compatibility will be useful.

The tutorials are also really quick and to the point. This is like Microsoft Powerpoint on steroids. Can’t wait until I finish my work to play with my new toy.